Emergency Filing


We will not recommend, encourage, or suggestion an emergency filing is best for you.

If YOU decide it is the option for you, I will type the documents as quick as an hour from your call.

However... I may be on vacation, or out of the office, at a doctor appoint, out to lunch... SOOO..




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We will prepare the forms as quick as possible and email them to you to do as provide your basic information. 

If you are Sacramento Division: You simply attach your certificate file it at your Federal Court Building and complete the remaining forms within the deadline required by the bankruptcy court.

We will immediately prepare the remaining documents. Please note: when you file these documents, you have a time frame to prepare and file the remaining documents. We have no trouble making that time frame, but please be aware you must have the information to be with enough preparation time.

I love volunteer work - voluntourism, so I am leave the area occassion. So give me a minimum of five WORKING days to prepare the rest of the paperwork. That gives you 9 days to finish your questionnaires.

Preparation Options

There are other options of filing, even if you need it today. It will save money on amending the matrix and serving the other creditors later. Check those options out below to see if they fit your needs bests. there are three ways explained in detail at the link below. In summary, we offer two options

1) our pre-paid emergency filing, and

2) our full service, pre-paid regular filing.

Start Your Bankruptcy

This method will save you money on a future amendment, save time filing documents, and save time serving creditors that were not on the original filing.

Most client use this when they don't have all the paperwork and need to protect valuable assets right now. Some consider the small additional amendment fee and a little more leg work not too bad in comparison to a repossession, foreclosure or garnishment. 

Required Disclosure - Even for Free Consultation and Free Emergency Filing 


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