Why work with a Team that offers a 
Home Measurement Specialist? 

CMA, BPO, AVM? I just want to know the fair value of my home. "Too many real estate agents don’t measure homes any longer and when they create a value for you, they base it on the square footage in tax records. Guess what? The square footage in tax records is wrong more than it is right. It’s not their job to measure precise square footage. It’s based on a “guestimate” and that’s not a word you want to hear when calculating the value on your largest, lifetime investment. The HMS® trained professionals are the most highly trained square footage professionals in the industry. When you want it measured right, call an HMS®." 

Before you call an agent, call an HMS®. Or, better yet, call a a real estate firm that offers a professional measurement service. Square Footage is vital for the pricing strategy and an HMS® is an ANSI® expert and the best trained in the business.

Take the fear of square footage out of the real estate process. An HMS® will provide you with reproducible square footage dimensions based on the most well-known measurement standard in the world - ANSI®. Don’t trust tax records with something so important. And, don’t trust the agent who measures the way their grandfather taught them. Trust a standard known throughout the industry. Trust in ANSI® and trust in an HMS®.

Let an HMS® help you stand out among your competition. Home buyers and sellers understand price-per-square-foot and you can help them understand the power in getting credit for every square foot. Provided using the ANSI® Measurement Standard, an HMS® helps you protect your clients and yourself. Yes, square footage is the currency of real estate!

Using the square footage from tax records causes low CMAs and low appraisals. Don’t get caught in the square footage tax trap. Trust your square footage measurement to an HMS®, and know you are protecting your client’s greatest asset. Avoid surprises during the closing process and know you got it right. An HMS® understands the extraordinary power in price-per-square-foot!

In the hectic world of real estate and liability worries, you can remove one problem completely and work smarter than the competition. An HMS® knows how to measure square footage and knows why it matters. Square footage provides the currency of real estate and an HMS® provides your best protection.

Why measure a house and take the risk? Smart agents trust an HMS®. A Home Measurement Specialist has invested hours of course time and completed a rigorous examination to ensure they understand the ANSI® Measurement Standard and the power of price-per-square-foot. Like no other certification, an HMS® is uniquely qualified to provide measurements you can trust, and make sure your clients know you care enough to give them the best information available. In the real estate business, square footage means money. 

Message from the Broker: As a North Carolina agent, this is a requirement for the agent - not the tax records, not the client, and not the appraiser. In Virginia, this is not the obligation of the agent. We offer it as a superior service. - Rica J. Gilmore

Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®) Announcement Letter

Rica Gilmore has been awarded the Home Measurement Specialist Certification (HMS®) by the Institute of Housing Technologies, LLC.  Rica J. Gilmore joins a select group of real estate professionals who hold this highly sought-after certification, the only advanced real estate program geared towards the power of size in the home comparison and valuation processes. Rica achieved this prestigious designation after completing course work and extensive examinations. The courses were created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of industry experts from across the country; ensuring designees gain comprehensive knowledge of the ANSI® measurement standard, the overall impact of square footage and “price-per-square-foot” on home prices, and its influence on market timing strategies. HMS® designees are trained and committed to delivering buyers and sellers true "value added services," helping buyers and sellers obtain a fair value in today’s competitive marketplace.

HMS® offers unique strategies, tools, sites and services of particular value to top real estate professionals and their clients. In today’s unique real estate environment, it has never been more important to understand the home valuation process. The Council of Certified Measurement Specialists is a real estate information research organization, offering numerous books, videos, and continuing education courses in real estate and appraisal. The Institute’s goal is to improve the real estate information network and help to stabilize home valuation and mortgage security. To view all the qualifications and requirements to achieve this prestigious.

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