Bankruptcy Preparation
Integrated Services Providing all the Information including referrals
for making a Wise Financial Decision

This page explains what you can obtain for free, what we charge for, and how it may benefits you or those you care about. 


Eastern District of California ONLY may continue to receive bankruptcy preparation. All other districts of California or other States will not be accepted EXCEPT see emergency filings.  

As of the beginning of June 2018,  BFF received the Nonprofit confirmation letter. At that point, we stopped accepting and preparing bankruptcy cases except the Eastern District of California.  All other areas are referred to attorneys (see emergency situations below). 

As other districts have paid on my site using the Eastern District pay button before I have accepted the case I stopped allowing purchases online. Once your case is excepted, I will send the invoice. This process can take as little as ten minutes. 


  • Rica will prepare an emergency filing for bankruptcy if you have had the case reviewed by an attorney and sign the B19 and B119 below and fax them in. Once the forms are sent in the invoice for $100 will be sent. Call if you have any questions. 916-628-2846 or 757-932-7422. 

Start here with these notices: 

B19 and B119  & received legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney specialist in your area. Then start the free consultation