Questionnaires -  Free Consultation


Please start with the Free Consultation. The first questionnaire will provide you with the consultation.

The Questionnaire has been divided into small sections. Please save yourself time by entering all information the first time. If it is missing, I will email a supplemental questionnaire for missing information which will take longer. Once I review it, I immediately let you know the next step.

If an attorney has reviewed your case and referred you, you are welcome to pay. If not, please wait to pay until I have reviewed your entries. Please text or call 757-932-7422 for the fastest response. 


Q1 - Basic Information and Income Questionnaire

Q2 - Expenses Questionnaire

Q3 - Property Questionnaire

Q4 - Lease and Contract Questionnaire

Q5 - Unsecured Creditor Questionnaire

Q6 - Co-Debtors Questionnaire

Q7 -Statement of Financial Affairs

Q8 - Vehicle Questionnaire

Q9 - Real Estate Questionnaire

Q10 - Miscellaneous Secured Creditors

Q11 - Means Test