Tax Tips 8

Choose the Tax Form that Best Fits

Bankruptcy has some tax year filing requirements. As you research this for any purpose you will need to decide what forms to use. This also has a second purpose. You can review your bill from your tax preparer and see if you needed to file the more expensive form.

Use the 1040EZ if:

Your taxable income is below $100,000
Your filing status is Single or Married Filing Jointly
You and your spouse – if married -- are under age 65 and not blind
You are not claiming any dependents
Your interest income is$1,500 or less
You are not claiming the additional standard deduction for real estate taxes, taxes on the purchase of a new motor vehicle, or disaster losses

Use the 1040A if:

Your taxable income is below $100,000
You have capital gain distributions
You claim certain tax credits
You claim deductions for IRA contributions, student loan interest, educator expenses or higher education tuition and fees

You or your preparer must use the 1040 if:

Your taxable income is $100,000 or more
You claim itemized deductions
You are reporting self-employment income
You are reporting income from sale of property


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