Tax Tip # 7

Estimated Income Tax payments due date

If you file Estimated Income Tax payments, your fourth and final payment for your 2009 income tax is due January 15, 2010. Paying your estimated income tax using our free online Individual iFile systemis the fastest and most efficient way. For more information about whether you qualify to make Estimated Payments, click here. If you itemized your taxes last year and received a refund for your overpayment, you may be receiving a 1099G statement. These statements will be mailed out the last week in January. It is always faster and more efficient to file your return electronically. If you file your tax return electronically (either through iFile or e-file) your refund will typically be processed in about 1 week. If you file your tax return on paper, please expect your refund to typically take about four weeks. Regardless of whether you file your return electronically or on paper, if you request a paper refund check instead of direct deposit, please add another week to your wait time. The IRS’s e-file system where you can file your federal and state income tax return electronically will be available beginning January 15, 2010. Our iFile system where you can file your state income tax return electronically is available now.


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