Questionnaire #5 - Unsecured Creditors 


Creditor List! This is a very important part of the process. I ask you provide a complete list of who you owe. 

Please see the Bankruptcy Basics Glossary for a complete list of definitions such as secured or unsecured property or debt if you are not sure.

This is one of a few ways to present your list. Lists outside the questionnaire cannot be spreadsheet format.  You can email or fax them all on one entry if that is easier. Whatever method, all details MUST be completed. A creditor without a street address and city with zip code, will not even listed in the draft. 

The importance of the Creditor List is explained in the B6 continuance provided by the Official Form 6 Schedule F Instructions.

Submit as many Questionnaire 5 as necessary to lists everyone. If a creditor is on all three credit reports, please only enter it ONE time.

More than One Collection Agency

If you have more than 1 collection agency (say it is Sears) - just enter the name and address of the collection agency as a new creditor, but do not enter the amount, date opened, or account number, and in the type of debt write "collection for Sears".

Questionnaire 5 - Unsecured Creditors