tREE damage and contractors - the nightmare within the nightmare


The contractor work that was needed usually produced the need for additional work, but the contractors that damaged refused to repair their damage. 

The trailer was put on the property for us to have a place to stay. The water pressure in the home was not good enough. Home Serve said Cassidy Plumbing would repair the work.  It was and is a nightmare. Cassidy did every aspect of the job wrong without a permit, without the pipes the right size or the right depth, and they cut the wrong pipe and terminated all cold water to the front of the home including the second bathroom and hose bid. They refused to repair their damage. Another company was approved to repair the interior pipes. HomeServe said to call back to get the rest done when all the loose brick was removed from the home. When we called back to continue the claim, they demanded a new claim. They then said my max for the repair was $1000 which the remaining exterior pipe damage was $5000, so I was stuck with the damage. At this point, February 2022, my attorney has recommended a lawsuit.  I initially sued, but I was not a homeowner at the time, as it was in my husband's name. The lawsuit must be filed in my husband's name. I am working on that now.