Safety in Business


Safety in the Real Estate Business has always been a primary concern. The specific areas addressed here are personal safety in showing vacant homes including protecting against criminals and protecting against disease. 

Any changes in the laws or recommendations will immediately change the practices of Rica J. Gilmore. The page will be updated as quickly as possible to match changes as they come if and as they come in.

HEALTH AND SAFETY In Business for Real Estate Property Viewing and Notary/Loan Document Signing and Online Notary Signings

1. A standard to meet in a neutral location for the buyer's consultation to provide the buyer the disclosures they should have prior to home shopping.

2. Allow all parties to verify identification and qualifications.

3. Each party made sure they were not contagious as a general standard of morality and courtesy.

Even though the Executive Order does not apply to Essential Business - The message of safety still applies. Click below to read the Executive Order. 

  • Continue to conduct buyer's consultations via a zoom application or other virtual appointment combined with online signing method. This is often less time consuming as driving to and from meeting point is eliminated
  • Continue to identify parties in advance via proper identification via zoom or other application.
  • Continue to offer initial interest duo walk through showing (currently used by military and out of the area buyers now promoted to all interested buyers.
  • Added new standards of the prevention of contagious disease spread as outlined below.

  • All documents are now handled online! No physical document or pen sharing!
    This is too close! Take a step or SIX FEET - back.

    Duo is a great tool for virtual viewing. Call Rica to schedule schedule your virtual duo tour today!


    If you have a buyer's, please contact them for their process.

    Initial interest can be directed to my listing page for photographs, online videos and floor plans.

    The second step is a personal virtual viewing. This may be provided if I am your exclusive buyer's agent or your buyer's agent for this home.

    This process provides you with the ability to have me stop during the walk through for you to ask about specifics, to open and close draws and doors, or to go over any specifics regarding the home. You can complete from your location of your choice. For example, you can be at home or in your car at the property.

    If you are at the property during the walk through and decide you would like to go forward, you will be welcomed in.

    Please review below the standards for a physical view of the home in advance.


    Rica J. Gilmore will conduct business with the consideration of the National Association of Realtors. guidelines and recommendations.

    • Viewings can be scheduled through your buyer's agent if you have one. If you plan to represent yourself or have me as your buyer's agent, I will schedule after we have conducted virtual buyer's consultation and utilized any alternative viewing options.

    • Rica Gilmore will sanitize high traffic touch areas prior to and after each viewing as an added precaution.

    • She will avoid personal contact such as shaking hands, elbow taps or hugs.

    • Upon entering the home, please wash your hand and place a pair of disposable gloves on. War your own mask.

    • Remove and dispose of those gloves and was your hands prior to leaving.

    • Resist touching the door knobs, drawers and other items as much as possible. They have been cleaned and will be cleaned after the showing; however, combined efforts may be needed for optimal protection and to reduce any potential risk.

    • Doors will be open prior to the viewing. Please leave them open.

    • No more than 2 people at the viewing appointment permitted in the home without prior arrangements.

    • Children are not permitted inside the home.

    • Discussions will be conducted outside with a distance of six feet or more or by zoom after the viewing.

    • Physical viewings will be limited as necessary to allow ample time for proper illness prevention level cleaning before and after.

    • Physical documents will not be exchanged at this time.

    • No documents will be exchanged in person.

    • Any offer will be presented via online signings.


    Rica J. Gilmore will conduct business with the consideration of the National Notary Association guidelines and recommendations.

    • Rica will avoid personal contact such as shaking hands, elbow taps or hugs.

    • Documents will be printed in advance using safe standards.

    • Notary will wear gloves when handling documents provided by the clients for the notary seal.

    • Ink pens will not be shared. Be sure to bring a blue or black pen depending on the requirements of your document.

    • The identification will be provided to the Notary/Loan Signing Officer at the beginning of the appointment and returned after the signing is complete.

    • Mobile signings will be accepted based on laws of mobile signings.