Why work with a Price Strategy Advisor? 

Many market ideas about determining home value benefits the advertiser rather than the home owner. One responsibility of a PSA is to guide clients through understanding why these misperceptions can harm them and reduce anxiety in the pricing process. This advance course trains real estate agents to determining property values. As times change and many are going automated, expertise in these areas are making professional expertise and competence much more vital. Being able to utilize the best use of technology takes planning and skill. Listing a home is not a simple selection of a few near by homes, using public records, and making an average. The skill of pricing your home and properties requires the ability to create a complex comparative market analysis (CMA). It also requires the ability to recognize the expertise of appraisers, their vital role in real estate and how to work with them. 

What does Pricing Strategy Training Include? 

  • The purpose and benefits of CMAs
  • Terminology of pricing and valuation
  • The Code of Ethics as it relates to pricing
  • How to identify appropriate comparables, and where to find information about them
  • The role of supply and demand in pricing
  • How to adjust comparables
  • Specific challenges and special situations in making adjustments
  • How to guide clients through the CMA
  • How to work with appraisers
  • How to hone your pricing skills and practices

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