To obtain your post bankruptcy certificate please select a company you would like to use. I am listing the ones we have used since October 2005 (the beginning of the requirement) options. Please feel free to search for other options if you like. This is just provided for your convenience.


Complete your class on time. File your certificate with the court on time.


The post bankruptcy class or Financial Management Course is the most common skipped step in my cases. It is the most frustrating to be skipped, because it is simple and costs so little.

It is almost over... one small class... a few dollars ($14.95 if you select the first course below) and your obligations are just about fulfilled. The clients forgets this Financial Management Course!! A very, very expensive mistake.

EVEN WORSE: Clients that take the class, but provide no proof to the court that they completed it. This is not the job of the company you take the course with as they only provide you the evidence you took the course. This is not my job as I usually have no idea the client finished the course. This is the client's obligation to file! Most get it. A few don't. It is so frustrating when it is forgotten.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE YOUR COURSE AND FILE YOUR EVIDENCE (Form 23 - your evidence you took your Financial Management Course aka Post Bankruptcy Counseling)

This is the link to Pioneer Credit's post-bankruptcy. If you took the pre-bankruptcy, the post-bankruptcy counseling as of November 2, 2009 is $35.00.

Pioneer Credit

This second choice is $14.95 for the class. It does not make a difference to us or the court what approved company you select.

Post Bankruptcy Cheaper


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