OHIO Bankruptcy Preparation

Who will Prepare the Bankruptcy for Ohio?

Process My Papers does not offer services in Ohio. We are recommending 'RK's Processed Papers' for your preparation needs. Her process is much the same as ours.

Contact information:

E-mail: processed.papers@gmail.com

Phone: 937-638-8236.

If for any reason they are not available please feel free to contact 'Process My Papers' at rica.gilmore@gmail.com or 916-628-2846.

Steps for the Bankruptcy

Step 1. Complete your questionnaires

Step 2. Obtain your counseling class

Step 3 Pay the court fees (unless you qualify for your waiver) and file

Step 4. Be sure to send in all documents the trustee requests and on time.

Step 5. Make your court date! Take your social security card and driver's license.

Step 6. Obtain AND File final counseling certificate


How do I obtain your services?

You can pay our fees at any point during the process as soon as you want it prepared.

To pay our fees, just use any credit card or account through the secured protection of Paypal.

What if I forgot a Creditor, an asset, or changed jobs or other changes?

Occassionaly a creditor or more may be forgotten. You may have a job change or your expenses might change. We charge a small fee to amend these. In numerous cases, these amendment requirements and fees can be avoided by careful review before you sign! We will correct anything before you file at no charge in the review process. However, once you sign and file, you take responsibility that you have reviewed the forms and they are correct. After that, there is a fee.

Where do I go to court?

Southern District of Ohio

Northern District of Ohio

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