Military Relocation Professional 

VA Builder ID - For the Builder to Obtain 


Once a VA loan is involved, this is required for homes under a year, homes under construction, and a proposed construction. 

If you are working with my buyer and do not have this this number yet, please call. We can check if our lender will process this for you. Then you can just complete the forms and send them directly to me or the lender. After this is complete, you will have your VA Builder ID ready for this and future VA homes sales. 

  1. VA Form 26-421 - Equal Employment Opportunity
  2. VA Form 26-8791 - VA Affirmative Marketing Certification
  3. THIS GOES ON YOUR LETTERHEAD. Builder Information & Certification 

VA Builder ID - Search for your Builder

If I am your agent, call me and I will handle this.

Search the Veterans Information Portal for your builder.

Check your builder's name and state. If you are buying in York County and they are registered in Newport News, you wont find them under York County. Unless you know where the business registered, the city is optional.

Hit submit.

Be sure this is actually YOUR builder and not one of a similar name. You can call them to verify the number.