Hawaii Bankruptcy Exemptions


651-91 - Up to $30,000 if head of family or over 65; up to $20,000 otherwise: Property cannot exceed 1 acre. Sale proceeds are exempt for 6 months after sale. Tenancies by the entirety are exempt without limit as to debts of one spouse [Security Pacific Bank v. Chang, 818 F: Supp. (D. Haw. 1993)].

Personal Property

651-121 - Motor vehicle up to wholesale value of $2,575; clothing; appliances and furnishings needed; books; jewelry, watches, and articles of adornment up to $1,000; proceeds for sold or damaged exempt property (sale proceeds exempt for 6 months after sale); burial plot up to 250 square feet, plus on-site tombstones, monuments, and fencing.


353-22.5 - Prisoner's wages held by Dept. of Public Safety excluding child support, restitution and other claims.

651-121 - Unpaid wages due for services of the past 31 days.


11 U.S.C. § 522 - Tax exempt retirement accounts. Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs up to $1,095,000 per person.

88-169 Police officers and firefighters.

88-91 & 653-3 - Public officers and employees.

651-124 - Roth IRAs, IRAs, and ERISA-qualified benefits, if deposited more than 3 years before filing.

Public Benefits

346-33 - Public assistance paid by Dept. of Health Services for work done in home or a workshop.

351-66 - Crime victims' compensation; special accounts that were created to limit the commercial exploitation of crimes.

383-163 - Unemployment compensation.

386-57 - Workers' compensation.

392-29 - Temporary disability benefits.

653-4 - Unemployment work relief up to $60 per month.

Tools of Trade

651-121 - Tools, books, uniforms, implements, instruments, furnishings, fishing boat, nets, motor vehicle, and other personal property needed for livelihood.


431:10-231 - Accident, sickness or health benefits.

431:10-232 - Annuity contract or endowment policy proceeds if beneficiary is insured spouse, child or parent.

431:10-233 - Group life insurance policy or proceeds.

431:10-234 - Life or health insurance policy for child or spouse.

431:10-D:112 - Life insurance proceeds if policy prohibits use to pay creditors.

432:2-403 - Fraternal benefit society benefits.


425-125 - Business partnership property.

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