Federal Nonbankruptcy Exemptions / Federal Non-Exempt Bankruptcy Exemptions

Retirement Benefits

5 USC. §8346 - Civil Service employees

22 USC. §4060 - Foreign service employees

10 USC. §1440 - Military service employees

45 USC.§.231m - Railroad workers

42 USC. §407 - Social Security benefits

38 USC.§3101 - Veteran's benefits

Survivor's Benefits

10 USC. §1450 - Military service.

28 USC. §376 - Judges, U.S. court directors, judicial center directors, and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice's administrative assistants.

33 USC. §775 - Lighthouse workers

Death and Disability Benefits

5 USC. §8130 - U.S. Government employees

33 USC. §916 - Longshoremen, harbor workers

42 USC. §1717 - Military service


10 USC. §1035 - Military deposits to savings accounts (while on permanent duty outside the U.S.).

15 USC. §1673 - 75% of earned but unpaid wages or 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage; the greater of these two. (Judge may approve more)

25 USC. §410 - Indian lands or homestead sales or lease proceeds.

25 USC. §543 & 545 - Klamath Indians tribe benefits

38 USC. §1970(g) - Military group life insurance

45 USC. §352(e) - Railroad workers' unemployment

46 USC. §11110 - Seamen's clothing

46 USC. §11109 - Seamen's wages (while on a voyage and pursuant to a written contract)


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