Cassidy Plumbing 

We purchased a fixer upper home in horrible shape.

We paid over $5000 to have the very old magnolia tree, walnut tree, holly tree, pine tree and other brush removed along with grading the yard to prevent flooding. This is the picture just months before the tree fell. We still had the windows in the back to replace, but the front was on the way to complete. 

We replaced the roof, garage and shed to match. We restructured the home and remolded most the rooms with the living room and minor touches left. 

The oak tree fell across the home, covering the front lawn. 

At this point, all plumbing in the home worked.  The structural engineer and others were able to wash their glasses and other equipment off from the house bib out front. We were able to wash down all the bricks from the mud splash up after the storm came through. 

Weeks later, we were supplied a travel trailer. There was not enough pressure to run the systems. We called to see report it. 

Homeserve sent out Cassidy Plumbing. 

We could no longer stay in the home, because the slab portion was crushed and the home's open floor plan allowed contamination to all the rooms.