Rare Illness & Cancer Awareness Dedication


This following contains a preservation of the original page set up over five years ago. ".... The original owner, Rica Gilmore, started Process My Papers under the name Paralegal Plus at 19 years old. Then a law was passed the word or part of the word "legal" could not be in the name of a non-attorney business."  Through a series of names that simply did not match the first name, Sean Gilmore came up with Process My Papers. Now that fit what what really did -  from wills, trusts, divorces, taxes, corporations, bankruptcy cases and more. "Twenty years later at 39 years old, she was diagnosed with a very rare neuroendocrine tumors malignant carcinoid cancer with an even rarer metastasis of the lymph nodes pending finding the original tumor as of September 27, 2010." 

Hello readers. That was five years and one days as of the update of this page. That is simply by chance. Since that posting, I have come full circle. I have researched and been research for carcinoid cancer. I have been able to, with expert doctors leading my way, research all the very rare illnesses that have affliced our family line. The conclusion is, we have a ton of agencies that offer awareness and support groups. I do not need to repeat that. We need access to testing equipment! We need access to testing. We need doctors aware (not just the general public) of what needs to be tested. Specifically neuroendocrine tumors can be cured if found early enough. Sadly, that usally is an accidental found (such as an appendcitis or other intestinal surgery). However, the majority are found in stage four. Even then, life can be extended two decades IF we can get the proper care. Again.. equipment! I decided simply supporting cancer with a link to a support group, I want to start one simply for the needs out there. Again, we don't need rare illness and awareness dedication to social groups, we need equipment! 

Rica is the proud CEO of a Rare Illness & Cancer Awareness, Inc. Serving as a volunteer Rica has the personal knowledge that sneaky cancers can take a life with little to no notice, Rare Illness & Cancer Awareness If you have time, please show your support by liking and/or sharing our page for awareness. Most have not heard of carcinoid cancer, elher's danlos syndrome, or many of the other rare issues that destroy lives. Some of these are 100% curable IF caught before they spread. As of now, they are being found on either accident or stage four. Rare Illness & Cancer Awareness, Inc.'s mission statement, "We are dedicated to promoting awareness & access to early detection through education, equipment and treatment for rare illnesses & neuroendocrine cancer."