Arizona Bankruptcy Exemption


33-1101 - Up to $150,000. Includes apartments and mobile homes; and sale proceeds up to 18 months after sale, or new home purchased, whichever occurs first. Husband and wife may not double. May record homestead declaration. §33-1102.

Personal Property - Subject to doubling

12-592 - Wrongful death awards.

32-1391.05 - Funeral deposits up to $5,000.

33-1123 - The following items up to $4,000 total: Two beds; one bed table, dresser and lamp; bedding; kitchen table and 4 chairs; dining table and 4 chairs; living room chair for each family member; couch; 3 living room tables and lamps; living room carpet or rug; refrigerator; stove; washer and dryer; one TV, radio or stereo; alarm clock; vacuum cleaner; family portraits; pictures, paintings, and drawings created by the debtor.

33-1124 - Food and fuel for 6 months.

33-1125 - Motor vehicle up to $5,000 (or $10,000 if disabled); clothing to $500; pets, horses, milk cows and poultry to $500; books to $250; wedding and engagement rings to $1,000; musical instruments to $250; watch to $100; health aids; and up to $500 total for bicycle, sewing machine, typewriter, burial plot, firearm and bible.

33-1126 - Proceeds for sold or damaged exempt property; prepaid rent or security deposit to lesser of $1,000 or 1.5 times rent (only if not claiming homestead); bank deposit to $150 in one account.


33-1131 - 75% of earned but unpaid net wages or 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage. Judge may allow more for low-income debtors.


11 U.S.C. § 522 - Tax exempt retirement accounts. Traditional and Roth IRAs up to $1,095,000 per person.

9-931 - Police officers.

9-968 - Firefighters.

15-1628 - Members of board of regents as well as administrative officers and faculty under the board's jurisdiction.

33-1126 - ERISA-qualified benefits, if deposited more than 120 days before filing. IRAs & Roth IRAs.

38-762 - Retirement and disability of state employees.

41-955 - Rangers.

48-227 - District employees.

Public Benefits

23-783 - Unemployment compensation.

23-1068 - Workers' compensation.

46-208 - Welfare benefits.

Tools of Trade

33-1127 - Teaching aids of a teacher.

33-1130 - Tools, equipment and books up to $2,500; Farm machinery, utensils, instruments of husbandry, feed, seed, grain and animals up to a total value of $2,500; and arms, uniforms and equipment you are required by law to keep. (Subject to doubling)


20-877 - Fraternal benefit society benefits.

20-1131 - Life insurance proceeds if you have owned it at least 2 years and the beneficiary is a spouse or child.

20-1132 - Group life insurance policy or proceeds.

33-1126 - Life insurance proceeds if beneficiary is spouse or child, up to $20,000. Disability, accident or health benefits. Proceeds or cash value of life insurance or annuity contract if the beneficiary is a dependent member of the family and the contract has been owned longer than 2 years.


33-1126 - Alimony or child support. Minor child's earnings if debt is not for child.

Other - Add any applicable Federal Nonbankruptcy Exemptions


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